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Miss Hybrid Lycra Kinky Cycle

Miss Hybrid sexy cycle

Miss Hybrid Lycra Kinky Summer Cycle

Miss Hybrid Lycra Cycling Outfit

Miss Hybrid lycra

There I was, just out walking on a fine sunny Autumn afternoon. There was a chill in the air, but the brisk walk was keeping me warm and I was enjoying the country lanes. Around the corner, without any warning, came Miss Hybrid out for a cycle going full pelt. She noticed me a fraction too late and I was sent sprawling into the ditch at the side of the road. Miss Hybrid did not fare much better. On attempting to swerve out of the way they had ended up in the bushes on the other side of the road.
Furious, I brushed myself off and strode over the road the give them a piece of my mind.
“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING”, we shout in tandem.
I find myself looking into the angry face of a rather beautiful and busty brunette. Miss Hybrid’s tight lycra cycling top has torn across her right breast freeing the obviously constricted contents and revealing her nipple.
I can only stand and stare for a moment, until she wakes me from my reverie.
“Don’t just stand there”, “help me up” shouts Miss Hybrid.

Miss Hybrid tight lycra cycling outfit unzipped

Miss Hybrid lycra unzipped

I offer my hand and she pulls herself up. There is a light scratch across the exposed flesh, but otherwise, there seems to be no harm done.
The bike, on the other hand, has not fared quite so well. The front wheel is very obviously bent out of commission.
“Bugger”, she exclaims as she bends over to examine it.
The sight of Miss Hybrid with her lycra cycle outfit stretched over her perfect arse makes me think exactly the same thing, and my cock starts to rise in my loose shorts.

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